Holistic Wellness

Essential Oils

Relax | Revitalize | Rejuvenate | Regenerate.


Alleviate the sacredness of the space.


Detox  Fully

Integrated Approach

Energy Sprays

Prevent any disease,
rather than curing.


Our Natural Ingredients  protect your Health.


Easy carrying, Even for children.

Vedic Ayurveda

Body Salts

Effective in removing diseased energy.


Gradually strengthen body and it's defense system.


Do it twice a day

Love Energy

Charged Water

Secret recipe by  GMCKS.


More Effective
than Detox Water.


Inner Peace | Bliss | Tranquility


Available for all Products purchased. With Life time Validity.


All our Products are carefully packed with love and affection.


Recipes adopted from Ayurveda, Unani, Chinese & Buddhism.


Science & Art Accompanied with Divine touch for Rapid Results & Safety.


Essential oils

An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile chemical compounds. Essential oils have been used in Alternate medicine over centuries. As Per History Ancient Egyptians, Persian & Arabs used them.

Body Salts

Various salts mixtures to Enhance & Promote Healthy Lifestlye of Mankind. The Salts are also Made for Space/ Room/office Cleansing, Energy Boosting. They are very potent.

Energy Sprays

Fragrances have Prana required for Animation and longevity of any Being. The Pranas many times Are colors Pranas Associated Angels and Even Higher Beings. These make Miracles Happen.

Essential oils Blends

Various Essential Oil are Mixed with various other healthy oils  for various Purposes of Mankind to Evolve and Enlighten in Everyway.

Pink Prana Water

Water Programmed and Blessed daily in Meditations with Love Energy, very effective in Healing. For better results constant continuous consumption is recommended.

Every Body
Is Different!

In Alternate Therapy the study of Pulse beat and breathe has integrated approach. This differs from  person to person. Our products & Treatment are very personalized. 

Most Recommended
Alternate Therapy

Our Basic Knowledge in Pranic Healing –  Analysis of Energy, Color Pranas – of natural herbs and herbal extracts. This often Allows to  include additives to the soap for their healing and esthetic properties.

Made with ❤
All Skin Friendly

We always Examine our Clients and their Health Condition Closely. Every Particular Symptom and Condition is Considered while we make our Products. All our Products are made at Home by Hand.

Best Products

Pink Prana Water

59₹/- to 97₹/-

Sharanagathi oil Blend

59₹/- to 239₹/-

Salt bath

59₹/- to 491₹/-

Insects away spray

109₹/- to 509₹/-